#69 What’s WhatsApp?

whatsappIn today’s Social Media Buzz we’ll talk about:

  • Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp
  • Update to the Pinterest extension for Chrome
  • LinkedIn’s blogging feature
  • Facebook lets other admins see who posted what on their page
  • Facebook Credit accounts for ads?
  • and more.

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#68 What the Klout?

klout sucks

It's been a while since I added a podcast here but I'm back!! Today we'll talk about: Klout's major update Facebook gender roles A new Twitter design And how I pissed off a bunch of people on Google+! ... [Listen Now]

#67: Closing my Facebook Page!


I've decided to shut down my Facebook page for The Social Media Buzz. Find out why after having it for 3-4 years I'm shutting it down after changing it from Pimp My Fan Page. I also got a new Yeti mic I'm testing out! ... [Listen Now]

#66- Is Robert Scoble “The King of Social Media?”


Recently a newspaper published an article calling Robert Scoble the King of Social Media. Which has caused quite a stir today and many are debating this topic, so I thought I'd weigh in. ... [Listen Now]

65: Did Instagram just Kill Vine??


Instagram just added the ability to record video with their app and immediately everyone wants to know if this killed the Vine app. Instagram has 15 seconds of recording time -- Vine 6 seconds. Instagram has filters -- Vine doesn't. ... [Listen Now]

64: NSA & Prism Rant.. WHO CARES?!


Ok.. I don't keep up with news at all. So this NSA and Prism junk has gotten old and I need to rant about them and privacy online. ... [Listen Now]

#62: Mashable Monday – Memorial Day Edition


Happy Memorial Day 2013!! Hopefully you're having a great day with your family and are off of work today. Today we'll make this short and quick and cover some cool articles on Mashable dealing with social media. ... [Listen Now]

#61: Google+ Android app Update & More

google-plus-logo-2013 copy

It's "What the Plus Wednesday!!" Today let's talk about how the Android app for G+ has been updated and how it looks. I'll also talk about the new main feed and how to change from 1 column or 2 columns and more... ... [Listen Now]

#60: Mashable Monday- Yahoo buys Tumblr and other hot stories in Social Media


Today on the Social Media Buzz we'll talk about the hot social media related stories on Mashable.com last week. The biggest story right now is Yahoo buying out Tumblr. We'll also talk about a major social media meltdown that was awesome to ... [Listen Now]

#59: Google+ Makes 41 Changes! Uh-oh FB!

google-plus-logo-2013 copy

Google announced a huge round of updates to Google+ yesterday at the Google I/O. Some of them are pretty amazing. While others just look like Pinterest.. hmmm ... [Listen Now]