2 Million Small Business Owners Advertise on Facebook

In a recent statement Mark Zuckerberg said the following about small businesses on Facebook.

Our community reached a nice milestone today. There are now more than 2 million small businesses and entrepreneurs advertising on Facebook to share with their customers and grow the economy.

We built Facebook to connect the world because we believe that when people are connected they can achieve amazing things. But we’re not the ones doing this. It’s you and everyone else in our community who are making life better and moving the world forward.

This is a moment to celebrate two million small businesses creating jobs and opportunities, building great products and services, and solving big problems in the world. Thank you to all the entrepreneurs who are part of our community and who are making the world more open and connected.


2 Million Small Business Owners Advertise on Facebook

Argue all you want about the decline of Facebook “Reach”… No one likes a whiner…

But Facebook hands down has been the most lucrative place for small businesses to set up shop and reach new fans and make some cash.