Please STOP Falling for this Facebook Hoax! It Makes You Look Dumb!


Here we go again!

It’s the new year and once again people are falling for yet another Facebook hoax — duping users into copying and pasting a message to their profile regarding Facebook privacy.

Almost overnight it’s flooding Facebook and well if you post it you look dumb!

Facebook Hoax

On my timeline I’m seeing tons of this:

fb hoax

Jason.. Really?? Don’t know how to copy and paste? Kinda par for the course…

Why people constantly fall for this Facebook hoax I’ll never understand.

But I guess somewhere a group of 13 year old boys are giggling because they got all of these paranoid old people to post this message!

Just so you know posting updates like this to your profile do NOT change the terms of service on Facebook..

Don’t Fall for this Facebook Hoax

So please for the love of all things holy STOP posting this to your Timeline!

You look dumb…