First the Selfie Stick and now the Belfie Stick? This HAS to be Fake.. Right?

belfie stickWe’re all pretty accustom to the term “Selfie” these days.

In fact it’s one of the most widely used hashtags on Instagram and Twitter and let’s be honest we’ve all taken a selfie at least once!

But taking selfies is hard work so some smart marketers invited the “Selfie Stick” so that you could put your phone onto a plastic or metal rod and take better selfies or get more into  your group selfie.

Introducing the Belfie Stick

But now thanks to Kim Kardashian I suppose we now have the phrase “Belfie” to add to our social media dictionaries!

A Belfie is basically a picture of your backside…

It’s pretty awkward and hard to do so now someone has invited the “Belfie Stick


Yes finally a way to take a picture of your backside to share on social media!

Just what we needed.

You may think this is a scam or a fake product — but it’s not!

You can actually pre-order the Belfie!

Our users are our biggest indicator of selfie trends being that it’s the type of photo they post most often,” Kevin Deegan, the chief technology office of, told Business Insider. “We’ve noticed a huge spike in users taking butt selfies in recent months, so the natural next step was for us to develop a device to assist our users in taking one.

The $79.99 Belfie Stick is currently sold out, according to its website, however the company is taking pre-orders for when the tool is back in stock.

It’s from the creators of the site — a site basically to hook up with people..

The Belfie Stick is catching on and as of yesterday they have created accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook — although they don’t have many followers just yet.

Does the world really need a stick to help you take pictures of your bum? I guess so…