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  • Meet Alberto, our Digital Marketing Manager. You'll find him managing paid acquisition strategies, identifying new website opportunities, and always analyzing data. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities, and he wouldn't have it any other way. #TeamSprout
  • We believe Open, Authentic Communication moves the world forward. For society, but also for our company. That's why last month, all 500+ of #TeamSprout came together from across the globe to share visions, embrace learning, and kick off 2019 strong! Here's a little glimpse of the magic.
  • We have some exciting news: we published this video straight from our desktop, and now so can you! Check out our stories for more release information.
  • As we look back at 2018, we can't help but reminisce on our #SproutPartnerSummit, where 200 of our incredible partners from around the world came together in one room. It’s these moments of real connection that make us excited for the future of social. Here's to 2019!
  • At Sprout, we’re all in it together. Our Product Education Lead, Keenan Schneider, shares how our team works together to help our customers build real connection. #TeamSprout
  • There's nothing we love more than spreading cheer, except when our customers send the #SproutLove right back to us! Thanks for sharing, @wearefirebelly. Happy holidays! #TeamSprout
  • Our Chief People Officer, Maureen Calabrese, shares her thoughts on seeing our values in action throughout the office. #TeamSprout
  • Our team sleighs, we just can’t help it. From all of us on #TeamSprout, have a happy and safe holiday season!
  • We care genuinely and deeply about our customers, people, communities and families. Enter: Philanthropy Week. Our team came together from across the globe to support 13 incredible nonprofit organizations and raised $21,006 through bake sales, auctions, and more. With Sprout matching the week's donations, we were able to raise more than $42,000! 
We're so proud of our team for investing their time and compassion to these causes. Check out our Stories to learn more about the organizations we supported. #TeamSprout