Pastor Punches Kids to Lead them to Christ!!!

Looks like the new way to introduce Christ to teens is punching them in the chest!

At least according to pastor Eric Dammann (and yes his name is “Damn Man”… )

Pastor Punches Kid to Lead them to Christ!!!

He seems so proud to admit he “Crumpled the kid”…

Dammann has since issued an apology on the church’s website:

I deeply regret my actions of 13 years ago.  I do not condone abuse in any form.  I chose a very poor example from my past and very poor wording to describe it and deeply regret using it.  By viewing the clip it is certainly understandable how outraged people are. I acted out in one moment many years ago, it is not how I believe people especially a pastor should act.  My actions were not reflective of Christ and the teachings of the bible.  I was wrong, there are no excuses to be made.  I was forgiven by Ben many years ago and can only ask the same from my church, community and the world.

The church issued the apology on their Facebook page as well, but their entire page has been removed now!

The video clip has been viewed almost 3 million times!

Oddly enough the church has not deleted every video they had posted to their Vimeo account! What else had this guy admitted to in past sermons? Hmmmmm

So there you go. Forget about all that love and peace crap that Jesus preached when he walked the earth. The way to convert people is to sock them right in the chest.