Reverend Al Sharpton Gets OWNED on Twitter!

al sharpton fightThe “Reverend” Al Sharpton has always been known as someone who puts his foot in his mouth and is constantly in the middle of some sort of fight or argument.

Remember this from the Morton Downey Jr  show:

Sharpton loves the spotlight and often times what he says causes both positive and negative reactions.

This has been evidenced recently after the Ferguson and New York police incidents.

On New Years’ Eve however Al Sharpton took to Twitter to ask people for some input and the response probably wasn’t what he expected:

al sharpton twitter

His next tweet met similar responses:

al sharpton twitter

What about New Year’s resolutions Al?

al sharpton twitter

This tweet might have gotten the best (or worst) responses:

al sharpton twitter

Glad to see people #KeepingItReal